Tuesday, March 20, 2012


sometimes I just want to scream..... but I can't
two years with my head down - shoulders slumped
scorned, disenfranchised ( marginalized) unfettered

sometimes i need to scream - but usually walk away
with my fingers pointed to my temple
pulling the trigger -
but again that wouldn't solve anything
because i still walk away -
in the midst of a day dream
and i wake up - in the middle of
clutching sheets -
air - wind - anything
to feel real

screaming again - but my words are snatched
stolen, borrowed -

i go to sleep most nights - not wanting to wake up
most mornings
but i do - because i have no choice -
ultimately ....
i do it for everyone elses benefit
i can't fathom how the family would tolerate
my taking my own life
which is the only power i have at the moment


Anonymous said...

Please don't let go. I'm here. I'm listening. All we need to do ... is to keep on ... talking.

Grown Folk Cookies said...
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